Rollo and the Spirit of the Woods

Hairy and rowdy trolls called rolleys sail to a land inhabited by more peace-loving elves. When the rolleys arrive to the elf village, they scare the elves away and settle down in the village. One of the elves, Milli, a brave elf girl, returns to the village to make a peace with the rolleys. The rolleys do not warm to Milli’s peace proposal, but she becomes friends with a rolley called Rölli. It becomes their mission to solve the conflict between the elves and the rolleys.


Olli Saarela

Ilkka Matila, Marko Röhr

Olli Saarela ja Ilkka Y.L. Matila Allu Tuppuraisen tarinaan pohjaten

Allu Tuppurainen, Maria Järvenhelmi

Pini Hellstedt