About us

MRP MATILA RÖHR PRODUCTIONS is a Finnish film production company, ambitiously run since 1990. MRP produces feature films, drama series, documentaries and animations in Finland and abroad. The company’s over 50 feature films, international co-productions and multiple drama series and documentaries illustrate its creative vision and professionalism. MRP’s successful journey shows that we are committed to constantly improve our skills and competence. We set the bar very high for the films and drama series that we produce.

MRP has close ties to the most important players in the international film production field. So far, MRP has produced films and drama series with companies from over 15 different countries. MRP is a well-known and well-regarded brand also outside the film and TV industry.

A number of MRP’s films are considered milestones in the Finnish film history due to their great success in critical reviews and box offices both in Finland and abroad.


Year Name
2021Tale of the Sleeping Giants
2020Paradise (drama series)
2020Peacemaker (draamasarja)
2020All the sins 2 (drama series)
2019En del av mitt hjärta - A piece of my heart
2019All the Sins (drama series)
2020Nature Symphony
2018Ailo's Journey
2017The Dissidents
2017The Eternal Road
2017Life in Four Elements
2016Rolli and the Secret of All Time
2016Tale of a lake
2014Raspberry Boat Refugee
2013Rolli and the Golden Key
2012 Tale of a Forest
2012 Body Fat Index of Love
2011 Body of Water
2010 Priest of Evil
2009 Backwood Philosopher
2008Pilven veikot
2008 Päätalo
2007 Quest for a Heart
2007 Georg
2007 Year of the Wolf
2006 9th Company
2005 FC Venus
2005 Mother of Mine
2005 Promise
2003 Land of Love
2003 Emma and Daniel – The Meeting
2003 Pearls and Pigs
2003 Mosku – the Last of His Kind
2002 Names in Marble
2002 Lovers and Leavers
2001 Rolli and the Spirit of the Woods
2001Tango kabaree
2000Downhill city
2000Lakeuden kutsu
1999 Eye for an Eye
1999 A Long Hot Summer
1999 Ambush
1994The Way to a Woman's Heart
1989Night Train
1992Who is Joe Louis?
1991Rolli - Amazing Tales