The Raspberry Boat Refugee

The Raspberry Boat Refugee is a comedy of a Swedish man trapped in the body of a Finn. Mikko Virtanen hates everything Finnish. Ever since childhood, he has wanted to trade the oppressive silence and the endless beatings, knife fights and flow of vodka for a Swedish life: public insurance, fridge-cold buttermilk and Abba. On a ship trip Mikko runs into Mikael, a Swedish psychologist who is thoroughly fed up with the Swedish culture of rational moderation. On the deck, the two men come up with a solution that will change their entire lives. Mikko will assume Mikael’s identity and finally become a born and bred Swede. Now Mikko only needs to get to know his new Swedish family.

The premiere of the film is in autumn 2014


Leif Lindblom

Ilkka Matila, Patrick Ryborn

Daniel Karlsson, Erik Ahrnbom

Jonas Karlsson, Josephine Bornebusch, Erik Johansson, Frida Hallgren, Jarmo Mäkinen, Tommi Korpela

Tuomo Hutri