Mother of Mine

Mother of Mine is the story of the fate of a little boy in the middle of a warring world. War breaks out and 9-year-old Eero’s father goes to the front. Even though the father promises Eero that the war will soon be over, nothing will be the same again – just a little while after the war started, a sad message arrives from the front. Kirsti, widowed and broken by grief, is unable to take care of her son and sends Eero to safety in Sweden, in the middle of prosperity. Mother assures that the move to Sweden is only for Eero’s own good, but Eero has a hard time understanding that. The journey towards an unknown country and a new mother begins. Life in a foreign country does not start well. Eero feels that there is no way he can live up to the expectations of the Skone family. The strict mother Signe assigns Eero household chores at the farmhouse and sends him off to school. When everyone around speaks Swedish, Eero lives in his own, detached world. Although there is peace in Sweden, Eero fights his own war, which leaves indelible marks on him. The story is loosely based on Heikki Hietamie’s novel “Äideistä parhain”


Klaus Härö

Ilkka Matila

Jimmy Karlsson, Kirsi Vikman

Topi Majaniemi, Marjaana Maijala, Maria Lundqvist, Michael Nyqvist, Esko Salminen

Jarkko T. Laine (F.S.C.)