All the Sins

A series of murders shocks a religious community in Northern Ostrobotnia. Criminal investigators of the National Bureau of Investigation Sanna Tervo and Lauri Räihä arrive to investigate the case. For Sanna this is just a case among others whereas Lauri has to face the community of his past. The return to the village of his childhood years takes Lauri on a truth-seeking journey of the murders, himself and the question whether all sins can be forgiven.

The crime series which is located in Northern Finland was created and written by Merja Aakko and Mika Ronkainen. Aakko has a long history in journalism and Ronkainen who is known for his award-winning documentaries has also directed the series.

When asked about The Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize for outstanding writing Aakko and Ronkainen comment: All the Sins is a story of a small village in Northern Finland. We grew up in a place like that and one could say that we started picking up material for it right after when we were born. Receiving the prize strengthened our faith that there is an interest for well-told local stories everywhere.


Mika Ronkainen

Ilkka Matila

Mika Ronkainen, Merja Aakko

Maria Sid, Johannes Holopainen

Jani Kumpulainen